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North Bucks Branch Archive Project

Main Branch site:

Branch site

The Branch web site contains up to date information about ringing in North Bucks. Much of the information formerly in this site can now be found there.

Latest on this site:

Web development - Jan 2021

A long needed review of table names in the dataase has prompted a complete check of the code behind this site. You probably won't see much difference, except in a few places where HTML5 coding has been introduced.

The Flash mp3 player in the tower and bell pages has been replaced with the HTML5 audio player..

For Little Horwood:

More detail from the Central Bucks towers that were formerly part of North Bucks are being included.

Handbell Performances

This includes quarters and peals.

May 24, 1925Fenny Stratford5056
September 12, 1991Bradwell Common1260
April 25, 1994Bradwell Common1424
June 6, 1994Bradwell Common1440
June 23, 1994Bradville1344
August 22, 1994Bradwell Common1260
August 29, 1994Bradwell Common1260
October 10, 1994Bradwell Common1280
October 31, 1994Bradwell Common1260
December 12, 1994Bradwell Common1260