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North Bucks Branch Archive Project

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Branch site

The Branch web site contains up to date information about ringing in North Bucks. Much of the information formerly in this site can now be found there.

Latest on this site:

Corrections to analysis of bell harmonics at Wavendon and Great Linford - June 2022

Ringer information in the North Bucks Archives

To help with compliance with the new GDPR, the North Bucks Archives now has the ability to hide the name of any ringer who wishes to "disappear." Just send an e-mail to the archivist.

There has been a Data Protection Act since 1984. It was introduced largely because of concern at the growth of computerised record keeping. The 1998 Act has been extended to cover all types of records which contain information about individuals. This includes information stored on microfiche or in paper-based files.

The Data Protection Act ensures that personal data relating to individuals is only used according to certain guidelines and that individuals have the right to see data that relates to them. Names held in the database are classified as being 'for research, historical or statistical purposes' (Section 33 of the Act). No other information is held.

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Quarters in North Bucks

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Information about you

If you are a North Bucks Branch member, or if you have rung a quarter peal or peal in the branch it is most likely that your name is in the site somewhere. Much of the archive information is taken from reports previously published in The Ringing World and other sources. Although this puts the information in the public domain, by holding it in an easily retrievable format, it comes within the scope of the DPA. You may also have been mentioned in the minutes of meetings or you may have taken part in some other activity. Under the DPA you have the right to ask what information is held by the North Bucks Branch that relates to you. If you want to know, just send an e-mail.  Everything is in one database, so you should be easy to find. The act stipulates that personal data should be accurate so if you find an error, let us know. Such corrections also improve the quality of the Archives as an educational resource.

Permissions to hold and process personal data

After some discussion within the Branch it has been decided that, while the Branch will strive to inform anyone whose personal data it holds is kept informed, it is not practically possible to obtain written consent from everyone whose name is mentioned in every document, minute, peal or quarter peal.

Notice is given here that individuals can expect their names to appear in this web archive once that information is published in the public domain.

The North Bucks Archives have now been in operation for a number of years and have enjoyed the full support of the Branch membership. The delivery of information via the web has received similar encouragement. There have been regular opportunities for members to voice any concerns during quarterly meetings and via the Branch Newsletter, In Touch. To date none have been expressed.

To help with compliance with the new GDPR, the North Bucks Archives now has the ability to hide the name of any ringer who wishes to "disappear." Just send an e-mail to the archivist.

The North Bucks Branch has an entry on the Data Protection Register:

Registration Number: Z5082125

If you find any mistakes or omissions then feel free to provide feedback to the archivist.