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North Bucks Branch Archive Project

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The Branch web site contains up to date information about ringing in North Bucks. Much of the information formerly in this site can now be found there.

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Corrections to analysis of bell harmonics at Wavendon and Great Linford - June 2022

Maids MoretonSt Edmund6


Fastest peal

2h, 32mDecember 12, 1992
2h, 39mNovember 2, 1974

Longest peal(s)

 The bells delivered from Ipswich
Photo DescriptionThe bells delivered from Ipswich
Approx Date1906

Branch events here:

August 20, 2016Branch Practice 
June 7, 2014Summer Social & Striking Competition 
October 16, 2010Branch Practice 
June 7, 2008Summer Social 
February 20, 2004Branch Practice 
June 8, 2002Quarterly MeetingNote change of date
April 28, 2000Beginners Striking Competition 


Who has circled the tower to peals:

No-one has circled this tower

Who has rung the most peals here:

RingerPealsMost Recent
Raymond A Vickers11February 28, 2013
Herbert Jones9December 30, 1950
William A Yates8October 28, 1995
George W Holland8November 2, 1974
Andrew Haseldine7February 28, 2013
Julie A Haseldine7February 28, 2013
Mark Regan6March 1, 1997
Richard W Yates6April 2, 2018
Ellis Nichols5December 30, 1950
Christopher C Stokes4October 21, 2010

Bell Frame

Bell Frame not yet surveyed

Classification from "Bellframes - A Practical Guide to Inspection and Recording - C J Pickford 1993"

The bells now


The figures and diagram below show the difference, in cents, between each bell and what it should be to be in tune with the tenor.
A positive figure shows that the bell is sharp, a negative figure shows that it is flat. There are 100 cents between notes on the scale.

History of bells in this tower:

From 1717From 1806From 1906From 1950
1 of 5 Henry III Bagley 2 of 6 Henry III Bagley1 of 6 John Taylor & Co
2 of 5 Henry III Bagley 3 of 6 Henry III Bagley2 of 6 John Taylor & Co
3 of 5 Henry III Bagley 4 of 6 Henry III Bagley3 of 6 John Taylor & Co
4 of 5 Henry III Bagley 5 of 6 Henry III Bagley4 of 6 John Taylor & Co
  5 of 6 Alfred Bowell5 of 6 John Taylor & Co
5 of 5 Henry III Bagley5 of 5 John Briant6 of 6 John Briant6 of 6 John Taylor & Co